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SAT Test Preparation

SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test. It is a standardized test with a pre-defined syllabus that is designed to test critical thinking skills, as well as the ability to analyze and solve problems in math, critical reading, and writing.

It is used for most universities and colleges in the United State of America for entrance into undergraduate courses. The SAT is one way to demonstrate a student's competitiveness and their likelihood to succeed in a course, and is one of the several factors that many universities and colleges consider when making their admission decisions alongside high school grades.

SAT is classified into two. The first is the SAT that tests knowledge of the subjects taught every day in high school classrooms which are reading, writing and math. The second is the SAT that examines a student's proficiency in a particular subject matter. This test is usually taken by students who are applying for a specialized field of study such as English Literature, World History, Mathematics, Biology or Chemistry.

Fees and Costs

International SAT Registration Fees:
Test Fee
SAT $45 + Non-U.S. Regional Fee $35
SAT with Essay $57 + Non-U.S. Regional Fee $35

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