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Seminary education abroad

This is special training for aspiring students who want to become Church leaders, Reverend Fathers in Catholic Church or pastors. Our commitment to assist students does not end just on the secular universities. We have the pedigree to assist aspirants become priest in the United State of America and Canada. Our students will join a diocese after course enrollment and continues priestly formation. Some courses are available to equip you for such an assignment. These Courses culminate in a Bachelor in Sacred Theology (S.T.B.), the first step toward ordination. Seminary training programs are open to not just priests but also to laypeople and other faith community leaders.


The purpose of this course is to introduce the student interested in priesthood and/or evangelization to the world that has been shaped by modern thought. Rather than study individual philosophers, we focus on the problematic and process of modern and contemporary philosophy, and on distinctions essential to understand our status as human agents. To grasp clearly the transformations of modern philosophy, we contrast it with classical thinking. It is hoped that the student will appreciate better the challenges the modern world presents to the proclamation of the Gospel.


The Religious Studies program prepares students for careers in ministry and graduate studies in theology. The program offers a complete curriculum in the study of religion from an Orthodox Christian perspective, and prepares students in a secondary field by requiring a minor in one of the other major courses like philosophy and logic. The program also prepares students for ordained service in the church and upon completion the student proceed to masters in Divinity or degree in Theology.


Theology classes explore the main tenets of a faith, like creation, the nature of the relationship between God and people, and eschatology. Classwork in this required seminary course usually includes the theology of good, evil, sin, atonement, suffering and salvation. Current issues in theology, like the relationship between religion and secularism, are also studied.

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