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Education Fairs

We organise our education fairs in cities represented by us. These fairs are only open to institutes represented by 3Ci Consulting Limited. Institutes meet Pre-screened and pre assessed students in each location so as to target more serious and focused students. These fairs provide institutes excellent opportunity to meet students face to face and give offer letters to qualified students.

Direct Focused marketing

We design more Focused marketing activities targeting the specific audience / students. It is far more important to have a personal and more focused approach to each individual market and offer the right product to the right individual. Identifying customers according to the Product and focusing on maintaining the Market support.

Public Relations

To be featured in credible forums to announce the new features and achievements. Take leadership position in the Career space by contributing articles / information in the Leading publications. Organize and participate in events to enhance the brand building of the company.


We take positions in the education / business publications conveying rational reasons to explore the Option of International Education. Facilitating the support systems available through well-established offices. We also use printed materials and radios in our campaign.


Participating in and organizing exhibitions, Seminars / Career fairs in Association with Foreign Universities to give more personal interaction to the students and Opening their Minds to various learning opportunities they have Abroad. Hence interact with the customers more personally and demonstrate and build credibility of the company & associated Institutes.


Promotions in schools & colleges – Build mind share with the future workforce. Presenting the new opportunities offered to them and building a whole New World for them. Working Ties with the schools & Colleges to have Education Events conducted regularly in their Premises. Inviting our Institutes to give presentations in the well know schools, Colleges & Universities to create more Direct awareness on the Opportunities available to students in Nigeria.


To conduct regular workshops for intellect sharing’ concept. The workshops are conducted in association with Nigeria Universities & Universities we represent to have face 2 face open room discussions. The workshops will also be focused on particular courses done in order to allow more interactivity between the faculty from abroad and students enrolled for their courses.

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