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Why Study in Italy?

There are many obvious reasons students choose to study in Italy. 3ci consulting is always at the services of the students to make right decisions. Here are few of them.

  • Rich religion and culture: Italy is very rich in religion with the heart of Christianity situated in Rome. The papacy is situated in Vatican City of Rome which consequently have drawn many races to Italy.
  • History and Language: Italy is rich in language and History with the Roman Empire at the centre of the beginning of history of Italy. Many student studying History and Humanities find Italy as the best destination to get first hand history of the rise and fall of kingdoms.
  • Education in Italy: Italy offers the oldest universities in the world and is the founder of the Bologna process (the standard in higher education in Europe and a growing in influence). Providing high quality education is another area in which Italy has earned its sense of pride.
  • Food and wine: when it comes to good foods and wine Italy prides itself as one of the best in the world.
  • Weather and Geography: the weather in Italy is not badly affected by cold or hot. The have moderate temperature during the winter and summer. The geography of Italy makes it at the centre of African and Europe.
  • Art, Architecture and fashion: Italy is home of architectural buildings and Art and also leader of top designers shop. Many top designers in the world are from Italy. So expect to see many top designers shop in the street of Rome and Milan.

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